8 Reasons to Shop Local on Small Business Saturday

Here at Widget Financial, we believe in supporting the community and helping local businesses flourish. Join us in our important goal by shopping local on Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season.

How to Stay Safe with The Wallet Of The Future!

Whether you favor Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, you're getting supreme security and convenience.

8 Reasons to Create a Monthly Budget

Not sure what you'll gain by budgeting? Here's a list of the benefits.

Kidz Start Saving Now!

Getting your kid their first savings account is a big step. We’ve got tips to make the experience fun for both of you!


The Credit Union Choice

While banks and credit unions offer nearly identical services and account choices, there are some differences. Let’s take a look at how having a checking account in a credit union differs from a bank.


7 Ways To Spring Clean For Extra Cash

When that first delightful spring breeze starts blowing, you know it's time to get your house in shape. But there's more than just a neat house awaiting the end of all that hard work. With just a few steps, you can put some extra cash in your wallet.

tax refund blog

How Should I Use My Tax Refund?

Got your tax #refund? You might be tempted to spend it all, or maybe your #friend needs a loan. We've got some better ideas!


Protecting Your Phone Number 101

At Widget Financial, we always want to prepare our members and their families for any mobile phone scam. Recently, fraudsters have found ways to impersonate mobile phone users. This scam is referred to as a port-out scam.

Clybourne Park

Clybourne Park

Clybourne Park will be showing at the Erie Playhouse from April 13-29. As with all great performing arts, this courageous show promises to be so much more than an evening of entertainment.

Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid

It’s tax time again! All you need is: calculator, pencils, hundreds of receipts, tax forms and pay stubs. Now all you have to do is get to work.


Everything You Need to Know About PENNVEST

fun money

Fun Money?

Who says you can't have fun saving money?

college jobs

What to Look For In Your First Job

If you're - finally! - in the middle of your last year at college, you likely spend lots of time thinking about that first, after-college job.


Teaching Your Kids to Save 101

Wondering how to teach your child about money, we've got the solution to turn them into a money genius in no time!

IRS Phishing

Keep Your Funds Safe this Tax Season!

Keep your funds safe, while avoiding phishing scams this tax season.

Spectre & Meltdown

Stay Protected 101

How to best protect your technology!


Why Do I Need To Get Preapproved For A Loan?

Did you ever wonder why it's best to get preapproved for a loan? Well we will tell you all the best reasons to get preapproved!

personal loans

Top 10 Do’s And Don’ts for Personal Loans

What to do with your personal loan from Widget Financial!

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