Clybourne Park

Apr 8, 2018

Clybourne Park was penned by playwright Bruch Norris as a spin-off to Lorraine Hansberry’s iconic play, A Raisin in the Sun. Many of the play’s central themes and historical depictions parallel challenges currently facing our region.  The play was once described by the Washington Post as applying “a modern twist to issues of race and housing and aspirations for a better life.”  As a show sponsor and as conscientious citizens, we at Widget Financial invite you to see for yourself why this show is as particularly resonant and timely as ever.

Widget Financial proudly serves Erie County as a not-for-profit credit cooperative. We have a very hopeful outlook for The Gem City. Nevertheless, our work often provides a front row vantage to some of the region’s underlying difficulties. Many challenges that are regularly expressed to us by our membership happen to be central to Clybourne’s subject matter.

Theatergoers and participants should expect an unflinching look at topics such as neighborhood gentrification, racism, homophobia and more. We expect that using the show as a catalyst, a proactive and overarching constructive message will come from the events surrounding this piece. Naturally, we are looking forward to a positive regional impact stemming from these proceedings.

We invite you to purchase your play tickets in advance and please plan on attending the additional community events presented by The Erie Playhouse, The Jefferson Educational Society, and others.  

Mark your calendar:

  • Clybourne Parkrunning at The Erie Playhouse from April 13 – 29, 2018
  • What Erie can learn from Clybourne Park: What theatre teaches us about our neighborhoods. Will be held at the Jefferson Educational Society on Tuesday, April 10 from 6:00-8:30. Attendees are encouraged to register online to attend this free event, however, registration is not required.
  • There will also be a Townhall Meeting following the last showing of Clybourne Park at the Erie Playhouse. The last showing of the play will start at 2:00 PM on Sunday, April 29.

We applaud the spirit in which Clybourne Park is being approached. We are keenly aware that it will take sustained, positive effort from institutions like The Erie Playhouse and our credit union, along with a great many others, so that we may truly enrich generations of lives in the Erie Area. 

We hope to see you there!

Widget Financial
We’re geared to enrich your life!®

Please note: This play contains adult situations and dialog which may be offensive to some and/or inappropriate for younger viewers.