Stay Protected 101

Jan 23, 2018

Updating your computer, smartphones, or tablet is very important! But it is even more important to protect your computer with the correct updates, so viruses are not being installed. Make sure that updates are coming from a credible source like Microsoft, Apple or Google. Updates will only be sent through your computers Windows Update or Mac OS App Store. Never download an update from an email or third party site.

Recently a pair of computer vulnerabilities called Spectre and Meltdown were found to be putting a variety of computers, smartphones and internet browsers at risk. Since this threat became known, many companies such as Microsoft and Apple, as well as chip-makers Intel and AMD have created patches to solve the problem. These patches will now protect your technology from any hackers trying to get personal information.

Major software companies are working to address these vulnerabilities by creating patches to prevent hackers from getting your private information. With these new updates being made available, Widget Financial highly recommends that our member update their computer when they receive direct updates from a trusted source like Microsoft or Apple. Installing critical updates and staying aware of potential threats will help ensure that you stay protected from vulnerabilities.