Refinance Your Mortgage Before Rates Rise!

Mar 2, 2017

The editors of WiFi Magazine recently sat down with our very own Brian Duda, Manager of the Buffalo Road Branch. Brian has many years of service at the credit union, many of which have been in leadership positions, along with being a seasoned loan officer.

Widget: Brian, you seem to be having a great time at this point in your career. Your branch is consistently rated by members as a fantastic place to bank. To what do you attribute your success?

Brian: First off, you are absolutely right! I am having a ball right now working for the credit union! I guess you could say that maybe I am hitting my stride. Perhaps that's because it is just a nice time of life for me personally and professionally. I am especially grateful for my beautiful wife who supports me in my career, and I am exceedingly thankful for the amazing staff here at the branch.

Widget: We hear from the staff that they love working at this office.

Brian: We do have a lot of fun, and it is such a team-first environment here at Buffalo Road. I truly appreciate all of my co-workers, not only here, but around the entire credit union. Gail, our CEO, has given me so many opportunities ... I've even worked at every credit union branch.

Widget: That's right! You just hit your thirteenth year of service here at Widget Financial. There is certainly nothing wrong with starting out and staying with a great organization! Plus, they say if you do something you love, it doesn't feel like work.

Brian: I couldn't agree more! I think that's what I was referring to before about being in a 'stride' of sorts. It just feels good when you know you can truly help someone and they want that help. That's something we get to do every day at the credit union.

Widget: How do you mean?

Brian: One unique thing we do as an organization is called our 5 Star Loan Review. It's a way for us to quickly look at a members' financial situation and see where Widget can help them save. We often save members a bundle on the loans they have with other lenders.

Widget: Sounds like a pretty in-depth process. Does it take long time to complete?

Brian: Not at all! In fact, I was recently working with a member who took three minutes to fill out our 5 Star Loan Review application via our website. That enabled me to come back with a few loan options that are now saving their family $200 a month! Saving even a little can go a long way over the life of a loan ... Just think: This member took a few quick minutes online and they will avoid overpaying by so much! I even securely sent them all their new documents electronically and they were able to complete and sign them all through their mobile device!

Widget: That's life on the move! But what a reason to work in an opportunity to save!

Brian: For sure! We are on the move right there with them. In this case, a few total minutes out of a hectic week will now help them save thousands they would have overpaid!

Widget: Wow! That's fantastic. Does that happen a lot and is it only online that you typically see outcomes like that?

Brian: I'll answer your second question first if that's okay ... It certainly isn't an online-only thing. Members can easily go to and fill out a quick form to get the process started. Online is great because it streamlines the process, but I frequently sit with folks and we just go through the 5 Star Loan Review in person. We are proud to offer this complementary service over the phone too.

Widget: That seems to be a recurring theme here ... 

Brian: Ha! I say all the time that the answer is 'no' if I don't ask, so why not at least try?

Widget: Certainly members are out there who are repairing their credit or wondering if they should or could apply for a loan.

Brian: That's where we come in. We can get you to 'yes,' and we can help you learn to get to 'yes' at a later date. What we will never do is get you into something you can't afford.

Widget: So the 5 Star Loan Review is a great option for people who think they might be overpaying, or who may be overlooking a savings opportunity. What about people who know they are overpaying, say, on a home loan? What options do you have for them?

Brian: Look, as I was saying, my philosophy is it never hurts to at least sit with one of our lending professionals! If we can't save people money, we will always be straightforward about that and at least they will go away with peace-of-mind of knowing they aren't overpaying. 

I have been blessed to be a loan officer for many years now and there are always reasons to sit and discuss your financial situation at your local branch. We want people to take advantage of our great rates now before they rise!

Widget: Yeah, a lot of predictions are that the rates could soon be on the rise, especially in home loans. 

Brian: Home loans are a personal favorite of mine. I can't begin to tell you just how many ways the credit union has been able to help members through our home loans. We are happy to get a mortgage application started for anyone before rates rise. We also have options to utilize the equity in a member's home to fill other financial gaps. Every person, every budget, every loan, really, is unique. The key is to know you have someone working for you - which is where we come in!

Widget: Great points, Brian! We can tell you are passionate about loans, especially home loans. 

Brian: To say the least, right! I know I get pretty excited relative to this topic, but that's because in the past year alone, I have personally been involved in helping members finance nearly a million dollars through our mortgage program. When you add in our other home equity loan options, not to mention our auto, credit card and personal loans ... Well, let's just say the totals are well into the millions!!! To me, that represents thousands of people helped, all because of their belonging to the credit union. So I feel we have huge reasons to smile! 

Widget: Do you have any additional advice to members reading this interview?

Brian: You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! Click, call, or stop by your local branch today. Let our lending experts help you and your family get your share of this historically low-rate environment. These rates won't last forever, so now is the time to let us help you put more of your hard earned money back in your pocket, each and every month!

Widget: We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Thank you, Brian! And thanks to your entire team at our Buffalo Road Branch for the fantastic member service they provide!