About Us

Jan 6, 2015

Widget Financial 

Geared to enrich your life!

We're a local not-for-profit credit union that is shared by more than 36,000 members. Instead of stock holders found in traditional banks, our members both own and democratically control our financial cooperative. Our member-owners are the heart of our business.

With Widget Financial, you'll get more than a bank account. You’ll get the confidence of having extra earnings through great rates, fewer fees and a full-range of financial products and services. 

With Widget Financial, you can rest assured that you and your family are receiving the best possible blend of price, convenience and service. You are an integral part of our changing the community and enriching people’s lives!   

Doing good ... it's kind of our obsession!

At the credit union, we’re deeply passionate about enriching lives. We do this by taking the extra time to listen and care about your financial situation. 

We like to say that ‘we’re here to lift up others! It is not uncommon to see Widget Financial employees donating time, talents and funds to great causes around the Erie Region.